set snmp view

Use this command to set a MIB configuration for SNMPv3 view-based access (VACM).


set snmp view viewname viewname subtree subtree [mask mask] [included | excluded] [volatile | nonvolatile]


viewname viewname Specifies a name for a MIB view.
subtree subtree Specifies a MIB subtree name.
mask mask (Optional) Specifies a bitmask for a subtree.
included | excluded (Optional) Specifies subtree use (default) or no subtree use.
volatile | nonvolatile (Optional) Specifies the use of temporary or permanent (default) storage.


  • If not specified, mask will be set to
  • If not specified, subtree use will be included.
  • If storage type is not specified, nonvolatile (permanent) will be applied.


All command modes.


In C2 security mode, you can not create, delete, or modify a MIB configuration for SNMPv3 view-based access while in Read-Write user mode.


This example shows how to set an SNMP MIB view to “public” with a subtree name of included:

System(rw)->set snmp view viewname public subtree included