show snmp user

Use this command to display information about SNMPv3 users. SNMP users are people registered to access SNMP management.


show snmp user [list] | [user] | [remote remote] [volatile | nonvolatile | read-only]


list (Optional) Displays a list of registered SNMP user names.
user (Optional) Displays information about a specific user.
remote remote (Optional) Displays information about users on a specific remote SNMP engine.
volatile | nonvolatile | read-only (Optional) Displays user information for a specified storage type.


  • If list is not specified, detailed SNMP information will be displayed.
  • If user is not specified, information about all SNMP users will be displayed.
  • If remote is not specified, user information about the local SNMP engine will be displayed.
  • If not specified, user information for all storage types will be displayed.


All command modes.


This example shows how to display an SNMP user list:

System(rw)->show snmp user list
--- SNMP user information ---
--- List of registered users:

This example shows how to display information for the SNMP “guest” user:

System(rw)->show snmp user guest
--- SNMP user information ---
EngineId:  00:00:00:63:00:00:00:a1:00:00:00:00
Username                = Guest
Auth protocol           = usmNoAuthProtocol
Privacy protocol        = usmNoPrivProtocol
Storage type            = nonVolatile
Row status              = active

show snmp user Output Details shows a detailed explanation of the command output.

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show snmp user Output Details

Output... What it displays...
EngineId SNMP engine identifier associated with the user.
Username SNMPv1 or v2 community name or SNMPv3 user name.
Auth protocol Type of authentication protocol applied to this user.
Privacy protocol Whether a privacy protocol is applied when authentication protocol is in use.
Storage type Whether entry is stored in volatile, nonvolatile, or read-only memory.
Row status Status of this entry: active, notInService, or notReady.