set cep detection-id type

Use this command to specify whether a phone detection group will use H.323, Siemens or SIP as its phone discovery type.


set cep detection-id id type {h323 | siemens | sip}


id Specifies a CEP configuration group ID. This group must be created and enabled using the set cep detection-id command as described in set cep detection-id. Valid values are 1 - 2147483647.
h323 | siemens | sip Specifies the phone type to detect as H.323, Siemens, or SIP.




All command modes.


This command applies only to Siemens, H.323, and SIP phone detection. Cisco detection uses CiscoDP as its discovery method.

There are currently 3 manual detection types (Siemens, H323, SIP). Under manual detection configuration, for each of the types, the “Endpoint Phone Type” will be listed correctly. However, the high and low ports will not reflect default ports for the “Endpoint Phone Types”. The user will have to configure the port low and high options to match their needs for the Endpoint Phone Type being configured, as described in .


This example shows how to set the phone detection type to type H.323 for CEP group 1:

System(rw)->set cep detection-id 1 h323