show snmp targetaddr

Use this command to display SNMP target address information.


show snmp targetaddr [targetAddr] [volatile | nonvolatile | read-only]


targetAddr (Optional) Displays information for a specific target address name.
volatile | nonvolatile | read-only (Optional) When target address is specified, displays target address information for a specific storage type.


  • If targetAddr is not specified, entries for all target address names will be displayed.
  • If not specified, entries of all storage types will be displayed for a target address.


All command modes.


This example shows how to display SNMP target address information:

System(rw)->show snmp targetaddr
Target Address Name     = labmachine
Tag List                = v2cTrap
IP Address              =
UDP Port#               = 162
Target Mask             =
Timeout                 = 1500
Retry count             = 4
Parameters              = v2cParams
Storage type            = nonVolatile
Row status              = active

show snmp targetaddr Output Details shows a detailed explanation of the command output.

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show snmp targetaddr Output Details

Output... What it displays...
Target Address Name Unique identifier in the snmpTargetAddressTable.
Tag List Tags a location to the target address as a place to send notifications.
IP Address Target IP address.
UDP Port# Number of the UDP port of the target host to use.
Target Mask Target IP address mask.
Timeout Timeout setting for the target address.
Retry count Retry setting for the target address.
Parameters Entry in the snmpTargetParamsTable.
Storage type Whether entry is stored in volatile, nonvolatile, or read-only memory.
Row status Status of this entry: active, notInService, or notReady.