show neighbors warnings

Use this command to display neighbors with warnings due to enabled warning detection hits on the port.


show neighbors warnings [warning-type] [port-string]


warning-type (Optional) Specifies the warning type to display for the neighbor. Valid values are:
  • lldp-v2-mac-phy – Neighbor differences in speed and duplex
  • lldp-v2-power-via-mdi – Neighbor differences in power class
  • lldp-v2-max-frame – Neighbor differences in MTU
  • lldp-v2-lacp – Neighbor differences in LACP status
  • lldp-v2-pfc – Neighbor differences in PFC status
port-string (Optional) Displays warnings that have been generated for a specific port. For a detailed description of possible port-string values, refer to the S-, K-, and 7100 Series Configuration Guide.


If an optional parameter is not specified, all generated warnings for all ports display.


All command modes.


This example shows how to display neighbor warnings generated for port ge.1.17:

System(rw)->show neighbors warnings ge.1.17
Port:                       ge.1.17
Connection Index:           2
Remote Chassis Type:        chasIdMacAddress
Remote Chassis Description: 00-1f-45-5b-f4-f7
Configuration mismatch:
  Local duplex is full, but is half on peer with MAC address 00-1f-45-5b-f5-0a.