Use this command to configure area IDs for OSPF interfaces.


network ip-address wildcard-mask area area-id
no network ip-address wildcard-mask area area-id


ip-address Specifies the IP address of an interface or a group of interfaces within the network address range.
wildcard-mask Specifies the IP-address-type mask that includes “don't care” bits.
area area-id Specifies the area-id to be associated with the OSPF address range. Valid values are decimal values between 0 - 4294967295 or an IP address. A subnet address can be specified as the area-id to associate areas with IP subnets.




OSPF router configuration.


OSPF network wildcard masks are reverse networks. This means that wherever there is a 1 in a regular netmask, use a 0 in a wildcard mask. For example, if the network mask is (/24), specify a wildcard mask of

The “no” form of this command removes OSPF routing for interfaces identified by the IP address and mask parameters.


This example shows how to configure IP address as OSPF area 0:

System(rw-config)->router ospf 1
System(rw-config-ospf-1)->network area 0