ip access-list standard

Use this command to enter access list configuration mode for a standard ACL.


ip access-list standard {access-list-number | name}
no ip access-list {access-list-number | name}


access-list-number | name Specifies a standard or extended access list number or name. When entering a number value, standard access list valid values are from 1 to 99.




Configuration command, Global configuration.


The ip access-list standard command enters the rule configuration command mode for the specified standard ACL. Standard ACLs specify a source address.

A standard ACL MIB does not exist.

There are two ways to identify an ACL: a number or a name. The use of a number is for IPv4 ACLs only. Standard IPv4 ACL numbers range from 1 to 99. Names must start with an alpha character. A name may be quoted, as the quotes are stripped, but spaces are not supported the quoted string. A name cannot be one of the show access-lists keywords brief or applied, or any prefix thereof such as ?br? or ?app?. Names can be up to 64 characters in length.

Restrictions defined by an access list are applied by using the ip access-group command (ip access-group).



An "implicit deny" is hard coded at the end of all ACLs. The implicit deny blocks anything not explicitly permitted within the ACL, including routing protocols and management connections.

The “no” form of this command removes the specified access list.


This example creates standard access list 1, if it does not already exist, and enters access list 1 configuration mode:

System(rw-config)->ip access-list standard 1