set rmon event status

Use this command to enable an RMON event entry. An event entry describes the parameters of an RMON event that can be triggered.


set rmon event status index enable


index Specifies an index number for this entry. Maximum number of entries is 100. Maximum value is 65535.
enable Enables this event entry.




All command modes.


An RMON event entry can be created using this command, configured using the set rmon event properties command (set rmon event properties), then enabled using this command. An RMON event entry can be created and configured at the same time by specifying an unused index with the set properties command.

Events can be fired by RMON alarms and can be configured to create a log entry, generate a trap, or both.


This example shows how to enable RMON event entry 1:

System(rw)->set rmon event status 1 enable