set netflow export-destination

Use this command to configure up to four NetFlow collector destinations.


set netflow export-destination ip-address [udp-port]


ip-address Specifies the IPv4 or IPv6 address of the NetFlow collector.
udp-port (Optional) Specifies the UDP port number used by the NetFlow collector. Default is 2055.


If the UDP port is not specified, the UDP port is set to 2055.


All command modes.


NetFlow destination collectors are configured one at a time.

By default, no collector address is configured. Up to four collector destinations per Extreme Networks S- or K-Series system can be configured. If you attempt to enter five collector destinations the following error displays:

Set failed.  If previously configured, you must “clear netflow export-destination” first.

This message indicates that you have configured the maximum number of export destinations for the device. Remove a configured export destination using the clear netflow export-destination ip-address command before adding an additional export destination.


This example shows how to set the IP addresses of two NetFlow collectors to and

System(rw)->set netflow export-destination
System(rw)->set netflow export-destination