Use this command to distribute the measured round-trip delay statistics for an IP SLA entry.


distribution {[count count] [interval milliseconds]}
no distribution {[count count] [interval milliseconds]}


count count (Optional) Specifies the number of distributions to create. Possible values are 0 and 2–5. The default value is 0.
interval milliseconds (Optional) Specifies the time range of each distribution. Possible values are 5–1000 milliseconds. The default value is 25 milliseconds.


Any parameter not specified remains at its current value.


Configuration IP SLA entry mode.


If the count is 3 and the interval is 10, the first distribution has the range from 0–9 milliseconds, the second distribution has the range from 10–19 milliseconds, and the third distribution has the range from 20–29 milliseconds.

Use the no distribution command to reset the distribution count and interval to the default values of 0 attempts for count and 25 milliseconds for interval.


This example shows the distribution count set to 4 and the interval set to 20 milliseconds.

System(su-config)->sla entry 8 echo
System(su-config-sla)->distribution count 4 interval 20