set mvrp vlan restricted

Use this command to enable or disable MVRP restricted VLAN on specified VLANs.


set mvrp vlan vlan-list restricted {enable | disable}


vlan-list Specifies one or a range of VLANs to restrict MVRP on.
enable | disable Enable or disable VLAN restriction on the specified VLANs:
  • Enable – Restricts (disables) MVRP on specified VLANs
  • Disable – Disables VLAN restriction (enables MVRP) on the specified VLANs

Default: VLAN restriction is disabled on all VLANs.


By default MVRP VLAN restriction is disabled on all VLANs.


All command modes.


This example shows how to enable MVRP restricted VLAN on VLANS 100, 200, and 300:

System(rw)->set mvrp vlan 100,200,300 restricted enable