Use this command to set the IP type of service or VLAN priority code point value to be included in the ICMP echo requests sent.


packet-options {ip-tos tos | vlan-pcp pcp}
no packet-options {ip-tos tos | vlan-pcp pcp}


ip-tos tos Specifies a value for the type of service field in the IP header of the ICMP echo request sent. Value can range from 0 to 255. Default is 0.
vlan-pcp pcp Specifies a value for the VLAN priority code point of the echo request sent. Value can range from 0 to 7. Default is 0.


ToS and PCP defaults are 0.


Timing probe configuration mode.


The value set with this command is sent in the ICMP echo request. The Tracked Object Manager collects information about whether the responding device‘s reply contained the same ToS or PCP value.

The no form of this command returns the ToS or PCP value to 0.


This example sets the ToS value to 5.

System(su-config)->probe ICMP_STATS icmp timing
System(su-config-probe-timing)->packet-option ip-tos 5