ip rip offset

Use this command to add or remove an offset to the hop metric of an incoming or outgoing RIP route.


ip rip offset {in | out} value
no ip rip offset {in | out}


in Applies the hop offset to incoming metrics.
out Applies the hop offset to outgoing metrics.
value Specifies a positive offset to be applied to routes learned via RIP. Valid values are from 0 to 16. If the value is 0, no action is taken.




Interface configuration command mode.


Adding an offset on an interface is used for the purpose of making an interface a backup.

The “no” form of this command removes an offset.


The following example shows how to add an offset of 1 to incoming RIP metrics on VLAN 1:

System(rw-config)->interface vlan 1
System(rw-config-intf-vlan.0.1)->ip rip offset in 1