Use this command to allow routing information discovered through non-RIP protocols to be distributed in RIP update messages.


redistribute {connected | ospf process-id | static} [metric metric-value]
no redistribute {connected | ospf process-id | static}


connected Specifies that non-RIP routing information discovered via directly connected interfaces will be redistributed.
ospf Specifies that OSPF routing information will be redistributed in RIP.
process-id Specifies the process ID, an internally used identification number for each instance of the OSPF routing process run on a router. Valid values are 1 to 65535.
static Specifies that non-RIP routing information discovered via static routes will be redistributed. Static routes are those created using the ip route command detailed in ip route.
metric metric-value (Optional) Specifies a metric for the connected, OSPF or static redistribution route. This value should be consistent with the designation protocol.


If metric- value is not specified, 1 will be applied.


RIP configuration command mode.


The “no” form of this command clears redistribution parameters.


This example shows how to redistribute routing information discovered through OSPF process ID 1 non-subnetted routes into RIP update messages:

System(rw-config)->router rip
System(rw-config-rip)->redistribute ospf 1